Grind and Shuffle - Corp Rise

First Session

Where no ones has the best burger in Seattle

[9:07:37 PM] Jeff Davies: SEATTLE NEWS NOW – bringing you the latest happenings in Seattle.

Holloweener activity is on the rise as Knight Errant has made several busts involving a new type of illegal magical fetish. Experts are baffled by the origins but claim that they might have long term negative effects.

United Oil’s Drake West was found caught with several Kilo’s of Jazz and two underaged prositutes. This could have all been avoided if he hadn’t posted a drunk selfie with the caption “ain’t no lyfe like a Drake West lyfe.”

Emerald City Graphics Stock continues its skyscrapper ascent. AAA’s continue to attempt to purchase but no word from the lead investor.

This broadcast is provided to you by HORIZON GROUP.
[9:10:24 PM] Jeff Davies: ==Meet at Bosco’s *8pm====
Mary Fairweather will arrive at 8:30. Mission details will be given by her. Your pay will need to be negotiated. As a secondary objective I will pay 5,000 per member to aquire the file [List 27 part 3 of 10].
[9:13:24 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: Datasearch “Bosco’s” – 2 sucesses
[9:13:52 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: Intution+Seattle Area Knowledge:4 Successes
[9:20:57 PM] amandurptific: Levan Koris is a rather tall elf female, ash blonde hair cropped short with the right side of her head having slightly longer hair. She’s dressed stylishly and despite her efforts of attempting to blend in, it is obvious she comes from a rich, highclass family.
[9:22:37 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: A thin young man in a dark business suit sits with his chair cocked back a bit. An untouched highball of some dark liquor sits on the table in front of him. His dark brown hair and suit are both maintained in a style popular this week in Seattle, closer inspection of his suit shows a ridiculous level of craftsmanship. If he has money now, his bearing and demeanor tell you he hasn’t had it long. When he turns to you, you see his nearly electric blue eyes (not cyber, but obviously not his originals). He reaches out a hand without getting up.

“Hey, names Dylan. But I guess you can call me Bluestreak for this run.”
[9:22:44 PM | Edited 9:25:32 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: Sitting at the bar is a Ork with some obvious cyberware. More than a cursory glance reveals that this guy is pretty heavily auged, and has some kind of custom chrome job on his tusks. He’s of an average build, at least for an Ork. He’s got a bit of a sour look on his face, possibly because of how tacky this place is. His profle shows the name “Zok”.
[9:28:51 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: A lanky human woman sits quietly, drinking a beer. Her long red hair is slightly unkempt, as are her clothes, a strange mix of noir detective and new age wiccan. She looks worn out and bored at the same time somehow. She ignores everyone until actually spoken to.
[9:29:40 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: Her profile would say her name is Aoife Strix, with a license to work as a Private Investigator.
[9:29:55 PM] Jacob Harris: The first thing that stands out about Rosline Blackwater is the eyepatch, she is about 5’8 and wrapped up without a hint of skin showing except for her face, short dark red hair, hat low to cover her face, everything in dark colors to go with her dark skin, which upon closer inspection is covered in short fur (like a big game cat) which is black as her skin. She strolls into the bar, and shakes Dylans hand. “Rose” She takes a seat next to him at the table and orders a drink. Commlink presents as “Roseline”
[9:31:42 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “So, it looks like we’re still waiting for Fairweather? Anyone know this chick?”
[9:33:28 PM] Jacob Harris: “Never worked with her before, no idea.”
[9:36:36 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery:
[9:37:32 PM] amandurptific: Leaving behind the confines of her limo, Levan had no hesitance joining the group currently convening. “Fairweather? Nope, never worked with her before, though not too surprising. I don’t think we’ve ever had the same Johnson twice, have we Ros??” Blue eyes darted to the girl, a sincere smile pulling at her lips.
[9:38:33 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “Huh. I’d say that seems shady, but I’m a little new to this game. The guy showing me the ropes sorta, well, split.”
[9:38:38 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: “Hope this lass isn’t as insufferable as the last Johnson.” Aoife grumbles, her voice having a hint of an Irish accent.
[9:38:42 PM] Jacob Harris: “Nope, Its always been different. Always been a good deal though.”
[9:39:04 PM] Jeff Davies: An elf woman dressed in black torn denim and band patches plastered all over them walks into the bar. Her hair is dyed blue and she has an obvious full cyber arm. She briefly looks around and sees the group which obviously stands out and sits down next to you.
[9:39:36 PM] amandurptific: Levan lets out a light laugh. “I just hope she’s not a lesbian and won’t try and get me to call her like the others.”
[9:39:39 PM] Zok: Zok comes over from the bar to sit down, nodding to the other runners
[9:39:45 PM | Edited 9:39:56 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “You Miss. Johnson? Dylan, nice to meet you.”
[9:40:20 PM] Zok: “I think it’s still Mr. Johnson”
[9:40:45 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Yeah. Great (said with much sarcasm) . You guys get the burger and fries here? Best in Seattle.
[9:41:09 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “Its always the best burgers and fries in seattle. At least the drinks are okay.”
[9:41:35 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Your fixer he’s a hard guy to talk to glad to see your not bunch stiffs.
[9:42:02 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “Long as the cred spends, I got no complaints.”
[9:42:32 PM | Edited 9:47:32 PM] Zok: “So far Larkspur’s been solid, but he’s kinda odd. Never seen that be a good sign”
[9:46:54 PM] Jeff Davies: *Larkspur
[9:46:57 PM] amandurptific: “Odd is fun though! Makes things exciting!”
[9:47:10 PM | Edited 9:47:22 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “I hear that, omae.”
[9:48:28 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “Id rather it be less exciting, exciting tends to lead to people trying to put holes in me.”
[9:48:59 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “You might be in the wrong line of work, ya know?”
[9:49:44 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “I mean, If people try to put holes in me I put them face first into the ground. Id just rather people not put holes in me.”
[9:51:13 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: “So, chummer, what’s the job?” Aoife waves a hand over for another beer.
[9:54:18 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: I need (she looks around room nervously) I need you to break me into the Horizon group building right here in downtown. I’m gonna upload a little broadcast for the sheeple to see.
[9:54:58 PM | Edited 9:55:32 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “You serious? Gotta have some details for us right? A nice Larkspur plan, huh?”
[9:55:02 PM] Zok: “Sheeple, really?”
[9:55:34 PM] amandurptific: “That’s… it? How heavily guarded is this place?”
[9:55:52 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “Tighter than a dragon’s asshole, that’s my guess.”
[9:57:04 PM] amandurptific: Levan snickers at Bluestreak’s ANALogy.
[9:57:20 PM | Edited 9:57:37 PM] Zok: :|
[9:58:18 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Well I’ve hacked thier systems multiple times without inceident and I have the floor plans and Guard shifts, assignments, hell have thier fuckin lunch breaks. I just need some muscle to make sure everyone in the distribution room behaves.
[9:58:51 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “Seems… legit.”
[9:59:05 PM] amandurptific: “Ha! This should be fairly easy then!” Levan grins, sipping at her chocolate shake.
[9:59:42 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: Dylan picks up his glass and swirls it around a bit, watching the ice. This clearly doesn’t sit well with him.
[9:59:46 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “When are you going to start drinking real stuff, Lev?”
[9:59:54 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: I understand that this is well … difficult. So I’m willing to pay 3,000 per.
[10:00:06 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: “You going to be high while we do this Fairweather?”
[10:01:19 PM] Zok: “Doesn’t really make a difference if she does her job”
[10:01:45 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Hey man we all have something. Mine happens to make me very uh…reactionary.
[10:01:59 PM | Removed 10:02:17 PM] Zok: This message has been removed.
[10:02:49 PM | Edited 10:03:27 PM] amandurptific: “I only drink when I have to deal with annoying high class twats. Besides, LIQUID CHOCOLATE, Ros! I’m still rather amazed something this simple tastes so damn delicious!”
[10:03:05 PM] Zok: …
[10:03:27 PM] Zok: “So are we going to do this job or what? You’re the decker, right?”
[10:04:23 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Decker? Where did they dig you up?
[10:04:44 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “So you’re saying you drink all the time when your not with Me and Strix?”
[10:05:05 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: (PRONUNCIATION: ee + fa”)
[10:06:20 PM] Zok: “hacker, computer person… whatever. You’re that.”
[10:06:24 PM | Removed 10:07:33 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: This message has been removed.
[10:07:20 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: But yeah. I need you to get me in so I can upload this (presents datachip) to the live stream.
[10:07:47 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “Sorry to interrupt, but I’m not feeling 3k, Fairweather. Too hot. We need to talk higher returns here.”

Charisma + Negotiation: 4 Successes
[10:07:50 PM] amandurptific: Clearing her throat, the blonde elf nods to Zok. “I’m in, no questions down. But Johnny-girl, how important is this to you?”
Charisma+Nego+2 Bargaining= 5 success
[10:11:58 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: I can go 8k. Anymore and I have to make arrangments…
[10:13:34 PM | Edited 10:35:22 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: Dylan sends a text to all of you [That sounds better]
[10:13:39 PM] Levan Kohris: Levan glances to Dylan, a discreet nod indicating her acceptance of the raise.
[10:14:59 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “I’m in for that price. Assuming everything goes as smooth as you say.”
[10:15:02 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “That seems more reasonable.”
[10:15:22 PM] Levan Kohris: “Sounds absolutely perfect, darling! Now, shall we get ready and head out, or did anyone need some alone-time to get themselves ready?”
[10:15:42 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: “Well, I need rent, so I guess this is going down.”
[10:16:11 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: “I’ll need to pick up a few things from my place.”
[10:16:31 PM | Edited 10:16:41 PM] Levan Kohris: “If that’s the case, we can just take my car and stop by.” :3
[10:16:35 PM] Zok: “What do you know about security. What are they packing, how well trained are these guys”
[10:18:03 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “All that, and when do you want to do this, MF?”
[10:18:04 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: I need sometime to…prepare. We should do this at night so security and upload will only involve the skeleton crew. The security is run by some Discount firm called Alterd Army.
[10:18:30 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: “Nice. Rent-a-cops.”
[10:18:58 PM] Levan Kohris: “They’re always the easiest pickings aleast.”
[10:19:04 PM] Zok: “well, anything else you can dig up about them will help, assuming you don’t get caught”
[10:19:25 PM] Zok: “But I didn’t have to tell you that, did I?”
[10:19:31 PM | Edited 10:21:36 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: Datasearch + Browse “Alterd Army”: 4 hits
[10:20:18 PM] Aoife Strix, PI: Datasearch+Browse Alterd Army hits
[10:21:41 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: How about we meet at 2am at first ave and union. From There we can get in through a emergency exit in an nieghbooring alley.
[10:24:47 PM] Jeff Davies: Datasearch (dylan and aoife): Altered Army is THE GREATEST IN PERSONAL AND BUISSNESS SECURITY. Your search also shows that they have a subpar track record and seem to hire individuals who are not always on the level and have been cited numerous times for hiring individuals with our a sin, illegal ware, and because of this are on thier last leg as a legitamte company.
[10:28:18 PM | Removed 10:29:17 PM] Zok: This message has been removed.
[10:28:29 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Here I’ll send you some files. Just make sure and delete them after you look at em. You don’t wanna get caught with this stuff.
[10:29:50 PM] Zok: “right, well we should make a plan to get into this place, and where to go after that”
[10:30:28 PM | Edited 10:30:30 PM] Zok: “where do you need to be to upload?”
[10:31:09 PM] Levan Kohris: “Hmm, well I guess I could order that thing called a ‘corn dog’ while we wait…” Mumbling to herself, Levan buries her nose into the menu, only half-hazardly listening to the others discuss details.
[10:31:54 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “No no, you dont want a corn dog from here. The burger is halfway decent though.” Rose points to the burger on the menu “This is what you want.”
[10:32:17 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Third floor is where the distribution room is. There should be a master system there that I can put this into. They went off the grid a while back to stop scipt kiddies from hijacking the signal.
[10:33:23 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Its common practice now.
[10:33:37 PM | Edited 10:35:01 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: Dylan send the group another text: [Here’s a VPN address 564846516846, let’s talk about security once the Johnson heads out.]
[10:34:34 PM | Edited 10:35:54 PM] Zok: [she wants to be there, why talk once she leaves?]
[10:36:22 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: [I once had a very wise old elf dude tell me you can only trust your Johnson so far.]
[10:36:53 PM] Levan Kohris: [Shh, because, back up plans are glorious things. Especially when they don’t involve Johnsons. Just incase, yuh know.]
[10:37:19 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: [MF seems on the level, but I like to hedge my bets.]
[10:37:54 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [Agreed.]
[10:38:14 PM] Zok: [Okay]
[10:39:54 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Alright, well, eat some fries and i’ll see you later. (wink)
[10:41:26 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “Hey” She nudges Levan “Does your limo have a minibar?”
[10:42:05 PM] Levan Kohris: “Do you really have to ask?”
[10:42:19 PM] Roseline Blackwater: “Dibs on the minibar.”
[10:42:24 PM | Edited 10:43:19 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: Dylan waves dispassionately as Fairweather leaves; eyes still on his drink, lost in thought.
[10:43:34 PM] Zok: Zok nods a fairwell
[10:43:46 PM] Levan Kohris: “Later sweet cheeks!”
[10:44:02 PM] Zok: [we should move somewhere else in case she has this bugged]
[10:44:13 PM | Edited 10:44:26 PM] Dylan “Bluestreak” Montgomery: Once Fairweather is out of sight. “Le, your limo got room for all of us? If we’re working together, we better talk security.”
[10:46:08 PM] Jeff Davies: she is gone
[10:46:21 PM] Levan Kohris: “Pfft, can my limo fit all of us? Really, it’s like you don’t know me at all! But yeah, that’s probably the best idea.” Nodding to Dylan, Lev takes a stand, eating the last of her food, before waving for the others to follow.


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