Grind and Shuffle - Corp Rise

Third Session

Where the team manages to overcome the stairwell

Fairweather sneaks close to the door and inputs a magkey into the cardreader.

Fairweather: [Ok were in. It looks like security is different from the plans I got, so watch out.]
[5:11:48 PM] Bluestreak: [Delightful.]
[5:12:20 PM] Jacob Harris: [Of Course, if it was easy it would be boring.]
[5:12:47 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak moves to cover the door.
[5:13:39 PM | Edited 5:14:21 PM] Bluestreak: [Crack the door and I can loft a drone to check the other side.]
[5:15:04 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak draws a dragonfly drone and sends it through the door.
[5:15:27 PM] Bluestreak: [Sending telemetry to the tacnet.]
[5:16:50 PM] Bluestreak: Intuition + Perception 2 hits
[5:17:01 PM] Aoife Strix: Perception+Intuition 7 hits
[5:17:12 PM] Jacob Harris: Perception + Intuit 0 hits.
[5:17:43 PM] Bluestreak: Drone: Pilot + Clearsight 5 hits
[5:18:21 PM] Jeff Davies: The hallway is your usual corp office clean carpet and a small plastic plant in the corner.
[5:19:41 PM] Jacob Harris: logic + security procedures = 1 hit
[5:19:42 PM | Edited 5:21:18 PM] Jeff Davies: @Aoife: There is a large rug in the middle of the hallway. it seems out of place.
[5:20:28 PM] Aoife Strix: [There’s something about that rug. Doesn’t look right]
[5:21:05 PM] Jeff Davies: @roseline:you think it could be a floor sensor.
[5:21:19 PM] Bluestreak: [Pressure pad? But, why just throw an area rug over? It looks like the bought it from a native guy out of the back of a van…]
[5:21:33 PM] Jacob Harris: [Its probably a floor sensor, its way too out of place]
[5:22:18 PM] Aoife Strix: [Well, a rug both can both hide the sensor while keeping employees in the know from stepping on it by accident]
[5:22:35 PM] Bluestreak: [Ok then, no one wipe your feet.]
[5:22:54 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak moves into the room, keeping low and sweeping the room.
[5:25:09 PM] Jeff Davies: The rug/pressure pad starts at the begininng of the hallway just before the Manager’s office and extends all the way down to the other end. It doesn’t look like there is anyway to walk around it.
[5:29:37 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak moves to cover the manager’s office door, signals for someone to open it.
[5:33:09 PM] Jacob Harris: Jacob Harris moves up to the door [So when this door electrocutes me, im blaming you] she sends to bluestreak, before placing her hand on the door and attempting to carefully open it.
[5:33:58 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix follows behind the others invisibly.
[5:34:47 PM] Jeff Davies: The door is locked. It does not produce lethal levels of electricution.
[5:35:48 PM | Edited 5:36:23 PM] Bluestreak: [Anyone have some picks? Or a silent chainsaw? Also, shut up, Zok I can hear you thinking.]
[5:38:02 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [No, I dont have anything like that. Which I should probably pick up..]
[5:39:03 PM] Aoife Strix: Locksmith+Agility: 1 Success
[5:43:11 PM] Aoife Strix: Locksmith+Agility: 0 Hits (1 Hit Total)
[5:43:44 PM] Aoife Strix: Locksmith+Agility: 1 Hit (2 Hits Total)
[5:43:59 PM] Jeff Davies: The lock picking seems to be taking awhile and in the mean time. You all hear a small beep coming the far end of the hallway.
[5:44:28 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak sends his drone down, high and close to the wall.
[5:44:31 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [Are one of your robots beeping?]
[5:44:44 PM] Bluestreak: [Nada, omae.]
[5:45:34 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak sends the other drone into the stairwell, not getting flanked.
[5:47:39 PM] Jeff Davies: A guard walks out from around the corner. He’s dressed in the security greens and has a chrome cyber arm. In his hand is a small black device (like a key fab) He doesn’t notice any of you.
[5:48:51 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak ducks around the other side of the door, takes a knee, pistol drawn.
[5:49:35 PM] Bluestreak: [I wonder if the fob disarms the plate? Let’s see if he comes down here.]
[5:50:18 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [Sounds like a plan]
[5:50:45 PM] Jeff Davies: He begins walking in your direction.
Aoife your picking is now successful.
[5:50:55 PM] Jeff Davies: The door opens.
[5:52:42 PM] Jeff Davies: The Gaurd is now halfway down the hallway.
[5:56:22 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater Roseline ducks behind the corner, out of sight of the guard, ready to jump out and suprise the guard when he gets closer
[5:57:45 PM] Jeff Davies: The Guard walks down to your end of the hallway. Roseline is close enough to smell the Synthahol on his breath.
[6:00:40 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Unarmed + Agility (Nerve Strike) = 7 successes (Reaction Reduce)
[6:02:11 PM] Jeff Davies: The guard begins to fall to the floor 200 pounds of dead weight from spilt second paralysis. Roseline catches him and gently lets him to the ground.
[6:02:18 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak Helps drag him into the manager’s office. Then rolls him for his zip ties (of course he has zip ties).
[6:02:41 PM] Jeff Davies: He does.
[6:03:17 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater “I love this job” Roseline whispers to nobody in particular as she lowers the guard to the ground and drags him back into the office with bluestreak
[6:04:26 PM | Edited 6:04:42 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak uses the zip ties to tie the guard around the office chair. Then takes off his shoes and socks, shoves the socks in his mouth and leaves the shoes under the cubicle outside where he won’t be able to find them [One less person chasing us.]
[6:04:42 PM] * Jeff Davies sent Shadow run 1 office.png *
[6:09:24 PM] Jeff Davies: The inside of the managers office is very 1990’s chic. fake office tree in the corner. Old woodendesk and plastic swivel chair behind it. You rifle through the desk and find a small steel lockbox.
[6:10:17 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix sets the lockbox down on the desk and starts with the lockpicking.
[6:10:36 PM] Aoife Strix: Agility+Lockpicking: 3 hits
[6:10:38 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak covers the door and monitor’s the hallway.
[6:11:33 PM] Jeff Davies: @Aoife: You immediatly realize that this lock is much more complcated and not something you’ll be able to do hear. Maybe not at all at your current skill level.
[6:11:36 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater Sits down in the swivel chair and turns in circles while waiting for Aoife to do her thing.
[6:13:02 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak takes the fob and looks for radios and panic buttons.
[6:15:09 PM] Jeff Davies: The fob has one black button on it.

You hear some one talking over the guards comm ear buds (looks like he had the volume turned up and wasn’t wearing them in his ears).

Guard on com: Sit Rep, Jules?
[6:15:47 PM] Bluestreak: [Fart noise?]
[6:16:03 PM] Aoife Strix: [The box ain’t budging chummers. Don’t think I can pull this one]
[6:16:25 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [We can take it with us, its not the main job, what do we do about Jules here?]
[6:16:41 PM] Bluestreak: [Bag it, we need to answer this com. What do you think his guy sounds like?]
[6:17:04 PM] Jeff Davies: Guard on com: Get your check over with.You gotta get back here man this is one hell of match. Screamers are having one hell of a time.
[6:17:28 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [I knew I forgot to record something. Damn, im gonna miss the game too]
[6:18:58 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak Puts the ear bud in the guard’s ear. Shows him his gun and places it against his temple. Then holds the radio by the guard’s mouth and pulls the socks out.
[6:21:12 PM | Edited 6:21:51 PM] Jeff Davies: Hostage guard Jules: All is clear in quad 2. (He looks at you expectantly).
[6:21:59 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak Nods to Jules. [Nighty night.]
[6:23:10 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater smiles at Jules giving him a “shhh” gesture, finger to lips, and puts him to sleep again with her nerve strke.
[6:24:02 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: So can we get through to tech?
[6:24:20 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [He didnt set it off with his fob, presumably it disables it]
[6:24:35 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [Probably should have asked him about that.] Rose shrugs
[6:25:17 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak takes the fob back. [I think we use this. Hold on, I’ll look up the manual.] Computer + Datasearch 3
[6:26:13 PM] Jeff Davies: Results: You find a manual for The FLOORJET 3000 the latest in security technology.
[6:26:33 PM] Bluestreak: Do you push the button, or does it work on proximity?
[6:28:39 PM] Jeff Davies: a simple pressure pad that can be linked up or modded to fit muliple security purposes. It can use a fob to allow passage of a sinlge person through. press the button once before stepping on and all sensors on the pad within 14ft of the fob will allow you through.
[6:29:24 PM] Bluestreak: How do you reset/disable it completely?
[6:31:55 PM | Edited 6:32:59 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: Got to it on the matrix. Damn thing was hidden like ninja. It looks like it can be removed/disabled but you need to enter sequence code.
[6:34:35 PM] Bluestreak: [Ok, here’s the plan. We work our way down the hallway using the side spaces. Throw the fob to the next person and make our way to tech.]
[6:36:08 PM | Edited 6:36:14 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak Looks up a moment. [It couldn’t be this easy.] Looks up the default code. Enters it.
[6:36:58 PM] Jeff Davies: nope
[6:37:17 PM] Bluestreak: [Leapfrog it is.] Presses the button and goes.
[6:37:39 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak Tosses it to Aoife
[6:38:37 PM | Edited 6:38:54 PM] Jeff Davies: The team leapfrogs it way down to the room directly across from the tech room.
[6:40:02 PM] Aoife Strix: [So, is this door maglocked or something?]
[6:40:29 PM | Edited 6:40:57 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather:[ No this one requires my biometric data.]
[6:40:56 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak gets ready for the alarms
[6:41:59 PM | Edited 6:42:17 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather holds her hand out for the key fob.
Fairweather: [I can take it from here.]
[6:44:54 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather waves her hand back and forth waiting for the fob.
[6:45:25 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [You sure you’ll be okay alone?] Rose drops the fob in Fairweathers hand
[6:45:44 PM | Removed 6:45:59 PM] Amandurp: This message has been removed.
[6:46:10 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: [yeah. shouldn’t be anymore surprises just me and the signal.]
[6:47:53 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather presses the button and walks over to the biometric scanner. She places her hand down. It clicks and lights up green. she gives a thumbs up and walks inside.
[6:48:02 PM] Aoife Strix: [J:Are you sure we want to let the dame in there along?]
[6:50:06 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: [hahaha bastards won’t even know what hit them. Give me a second.]
[6:51:57 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak holds position, still expecting everything to go south.
[6:52:44 PM] Jeff Davies: 5 minutes go by when. The minimal Lighting in the room goes off.
[6:53:17 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Logic + Security Procedures = 2 hits
[6:54:35 PM] Roseline Blackwater: [So, security just cut the lights]
[6:55:01 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: FUCK THERE WAS A DATABOMB RUNNNNN!
[6:55:46 PM] Aoife Strix: [Bloody hell!]
[6:55:54 PM] Bluestreak: [We’re leaving through tech to the break room. Charge right though, they won’t expect it.]
[6:56:30 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather begins booking it down the hall in a panic.
[6:57:22 PM] Bluestreak: Perception + Intuition 8
[6:59:36 PM] Jeff Davies: One body in the bathroom, one at the other end of the hallway behind the desk, and 4 moving bodies coming toward you from the break room.
[7:03:52 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: shit forgot it was at 4 not 7
[7:03:56 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: i’ll be in in a bit
[7:04:04 PM] Aoife Strix: sounds good
[7:04:36 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak takes a position between the hallway and the door to tech, waits for someone to show their face.
[7:07:27 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater Moves to the side of the hallway so that she wont be in the immediate line of fire when security shows up. [It seems like a pretty bad idea to wait for them to come to us, shouldint we just book it?]
[7:07:45 PM] Bluestreak: [Fine.]
[7:08:03 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak tosses a thermal smoke grenade down the hall toward the guards.
[7:08:06 PM] Aoife Strix: [Their best plan is probably to request backup and then try to contain the situation for the time being.]
[7:09:34 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix starts astrally perceiving to cover any astral threats during the escape and to see through the damned smoke.
[7:09:36 PM] Jeff Davies: You guys make your way to the beating room. They guards pause in front of the thermal smoke. 2 stay at that position while 2 more head back to the break room.
[7:11:12 PM | Edited 7:11:54 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather is cautiously peering around the corner near the bathrooms to see if there are guards there.
[7:11:43 PM] Bluestreak: [Hey, Miss J, got incoming to head you off at the stairwell.]
[7:12:32 PM | Edited 7:12:43 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: [Fuck fuck fuck fuck where do i go?]
[7:13:09 PM] Bluestreak: [Hold position. We’re coming.]
[7:14:20 PM] Jeff Davies: You make it to Fairweather at the same time 2 guards make it to the stairwell.
[7:15:40 PM | Edited 7:17:32 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak moves past Fairweather, motioning for her to take a position behind. Takes a position by the south door. [Who’s cracking the door? Zok?]
[7:17:30 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: Paul “malloc” Dziadzio smiles, revealing his chromed tusks and yellowish teeth
[7:18:16 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: Paul “malloc” Dziadzio he pulls a Steyer TMP and a Roomsweeper out of his coat and winds up his (meaty) leg to kick the door in
[7:18:52 PM | Edited 7:19:14 PM] Bluestreak: Initiative 13
[7:18:53 PM] Aoife Strix: Initiative 16
[7:19:08 PM] Levan Kohris: Initiative
[7:19:14 PM] Levan Kohris: 9
[7:19:56 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: Ini 16 = 11 + 5 hits
[7:20:11 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Init 13
[7:20:48 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: Paul “malloc” Dziadzio kicks in the door with a booming strike
[7:22:06 PM] Jeff Davies: Zok breaks the door off its hinges it slams down. One guard is visibly stunned by the sudden entrance but the other is ready and waiting.
[7:24:01 PM] Paul “malloc” Dziadzio: “Looks like you guys picked the wrong stairwell”
[7:28:38 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix shuts off her power foci and invisibility, steps through the door and will target both guards with a stunbolt.
[7:30:10 PM] Aoife Strix: Spellcasting+Magic Force 6 Stunbolt: 5 Dice
[7:30:22 PM] Aoife Strix: 1 Hit
[7:31:47 PM] Aoife Strix: Spellcasting+Magic Force 6 Stunbolt: 0 Hits
[7:33:33 PM] Aoife Strix: Drain: 4 Hits
[7:33:49 PM] Aoife Strix: Drain: 2 Hits (Take 1 Damage)
[7:36:40 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix Aoife pulls out a rod covered in runic symbols from under her coat, points it at the guards saying forcefully “Somnus”. The mystical energy, mana based, is invisible to the layman, but the effects are not as one guard is visibly staggered. The other seems fine however as Aoife’s nose starts to bleed.
[7:40:53 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak mentally commands his pistol into full auto mode, steps around Zok into the stairwell and opens up on the uninjured guard. Narrow long burst 4 hits.
[7:42:50 PM] Bluestreak: 6S(e) +4 2 +5 = 13S(e)
[7:45:21 PM] Jeff Davies: Takes 9s. The gaurd shakes violently from the stick n shock and falls to the ground.
[7:46:22 PM] Jeff Davies: The green security guard that was surprised by the entrance looks very frightend.
[7:49:35 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Agility + Unarmed + Tacnet (15 dice) = 8 hits, Reaction.
[7:52:14 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater jumps down the stairwell at the last suprised opponent, striking him and guiding him to the ground when he goes limp “How many more do we think we have to deal with?”
[7:52:53 PM] Bluestreak: [The other two are still playing with my smoke.]
[7:52:56 PM | Removed 7:53:09 PM] Zok: This message has been removed.
[7:53:11 PM | Edited 7:53:19 PM] Zok: Zok ‘s grin falls as he realizes there’s no one left to shoot
[7:53:41 PM] Bluestreak: [I know, buddy. But let’s get out of here.]
[7:55:31 PM] Jeff Davies: The team runs down the stairwell and out the way you came. When you hit the alley you hear sirens in the far distance.
[7:57:01 PM | Edited 7:57:09 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak collects his drones and heads toward the fan.
[7:57:30 PM] Zok: Zok switches his TMP to silent
[7:57:33 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix follows the team
[7:58:13 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather: We gotta get out of here. Check your accounts The money should be there. I almost went down for corp espionage…
[7:58:25 PM] * Group call *
[7:58:27 PM] Jeff Davies: Fairweather gets inside her van.
[7:58:59 PM] Jeff Davies: Skags nods and revs the engine.
[7:59:40 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater follows behind the group
[7:59:50 PM | Edited 7:59:58 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak ‘s walker drone turns into a bike. [Nice working with you all.]
[7:59:58 PM] * Missed group call. *
[8:02:44 PM] Bluestreak: [We meeting up to crack that case?]
[8:02:55 PM | Edited 8:03:01 PM] Zok: [Might as well do it now]
[8:02:56 PM] Levan Kohris: "… I’ve got a minibar!"
[8:03:01 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak drops Fairweather from the tacnet/VPN]
[8:03:20 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater "Im always up for any plan involving the minibar
[8:03:49 PM] Aoife Strix: [Might need to melt of break the lock. I’m not sure I can crack this one.]
[8:06:15 PM] Levan Kohris: [And it would probably be a good idea to find a safe place in which we can pry open our newly obtained booty Any ideas?]
[8:07:37 PM] Bluestreak: Knowledge: Safehouses + Logic 2
[8:10:06 PM] Jeff Davies: Results: Nearby in downtown there is a place called The Purple Haze. Its run by a man named Jacob Mckinsman an ex
runner. he Rents out rooms above his restraunt with utmost discretion.
[8:10:39 PM] Bluestreak: Prices?
[8:12:47 PM] Jeff Davies: 400 a night. from what you remember.
[8:13:42 PM] Bluestreak: [I got a place, runs about 400¥ a night. Should be discrete enough.]
[8:15:10 PM] Aoife Strix: [Sounds fine enough]
[8:15:18 PM] Jeff Davies: The team heads to the Purple Haze.
[8:16:33 PM | Edited 8:16:52 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak dock with his car and changes into his suit on the way.
[8:16:50 PM] Jeff Davies: Walking in you see AR awards on the wall in the entrance. BEST Pueblo Cuisine in Seattle.
[8:17:21 PM] Bluestreak: “Nice, gonna order some tamales too.”
[8:17:29 PM] Zok: “What the hell is ‘Pueblo Cuisine’?”
[8:17:45 PM] Bluestreak: “Basically texmex.”
[8:17:57 PM] Zok: “Why didn’t they say that then?”
[8:18:21 PM | Edited 8:18:31 PM] Bluestreak: “Cause it sounds classier.”
[8:18:50 PM] Jeff Davies: Bluestreak walks up to the waitress at the front letting her know that you need to speak with Jacob.
[8:19:12 PM] Bluestreak: “I need to speak with Jacob.”
[8:19:24 PM] Jeff Davies: She takes you all to an office room in the back.
[8:22:36 PM] Jeff Davies: Sitting behind a desk is a large troll enjoying an electronic cigar. He screams into his comm, “I NEEDED THOSE PEPPERS AT 1.75 A TON, DON’T YOU FUCK ME JEREMY!”
[8:23:17 PM] Jeff Davies: He waves his hands for you to come in.
[8:23:17 PM] Zok: “…”
[8:23:36 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak nods, steps in leaving the seats for the ladies.
[8:24:01 PM] Levan Kohris: Levan snickers and snorts, though quickly clears her throat in an attempt to recollect herself.
[8:24:16 PM] Jeff Davies: Jacob:Alright… right… I knew you would come to your senses. Good man. As always nice doin buisnness with you.
[8:24:54 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix Aoife glances around the room, taking in the details. A habit.
[8:24:55 PM] Jeff Davies: Jacob: How can I help you fine folks?
[8:25:15 PM] Bluestreak: “Looking for a room for a few hours, maybe the night.”
[8:26:48 PM] Jeff Davies: @aoife: it has the appearance of pop-up plasitc pueblo chic look. all the appearance of culture with none of the time to actually hunt down artifacts or create your own.
[8:27:07 PM] Zok: Knowledge Seattle Shadowrunners: 2 hits
[8:27:21 PM] Zok: in knowing this guy
[8:27:54 PM] Jeff Davies: Jacob: Ok. No problem 50 by the hour or 400 for 24 hours.
[8:29:45 PM] Bluestreak: Bluestreak looks at Aoife. “Let’s go for 24 hours.” Slides a credstick over the desk.
[8:30:11 PM] Jeff Davies: @zok: Jacob Mckinsman was a known entity in the seattle shadowrunning game. Known mostly for his B/E skills he ran under the name Green Giant.
[8:31:40 PM] Aoife Strix: “Can we smoke in the room? And I mean real cigarettes.”
[8:32:02 PM] Jeff Davies: Jacob clicks it into his comm.
Jacob: Looks like your all set. Alright jen take em to 220.
[8:32:14 PM] Jeff Davies: Jacob: yeah. go for it.
[8:32:50 PM] Levan Kohris: Levan rolls her eyes. “You and your bad habits, Aoife.” ;P
[8:32:56 PM] Jeff Davies: Jacob: just know that any damages will be paid one way or the other.
[8:33:17 PM] Dylan Montgomery: Dylan Montgomery eyes his credstick.
[8:33:20 PM] Zok: Zok smiles a bit
[8:33:37 PM] Levan Kohris: Levan cocks back an eyebrow at the specific wording Jacob uses. “Well that’s totally not ominous or anything.”
[8:34:35 PM] Zok: “Come on, it’s getting late”
[8:34:43 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Early.”
[8:34:56 PM | Edited 8:35:01 PM] Zok: “Whatever”
[8:35:11 PM] Jeff Davies: Jen the waitress takes you past the office and up a set of stairs.
[8:36:05 PM] Jeff Davies: She opens up the door and hands you key card.
[8:36:18 PM] Jeff Davies: Inside the room is nothing.
[8:36:25 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Thanks”
[8:36:29 PM] Jeff Davies: its just a room and 4 walls
[8:36:44 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Yeah… alright.”
[8:36:53 PM] Dylan Montgomery: Dylan Montgomery enters.
[8:37:22 PM | Edited 8:37:47 PM] Jeff Davies: Jen coughs a little and holds out her comm.
[8:37:59 PM] Zok: Zok walks into the room, ignoring Jen
[8:39:29 PM] Jeff Davies: She leaves.
[8:39:40 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife transfers 25 credits to Jen and enters the room “Classy place.”
[8:39:43 PM] Levan Kohris: Skirting the outside of the room’s threshold, the blonde elf woman sticks her head inside peering around. A frown shaped her lips. “It’s…. so plain.”
[8:40:10 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Yes. That is the word for it.”
[8:40:23 PM] Zok: Zok looks around for anything to sit on.
[8:40:38 PM] Jeff Davies: zok finds his butt.
[8:40:42 PM] Zok: “What kind of cheap place doesn’t even have chairs?”
[8:41:00 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “This one, apparently.”
[8:41:09 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix Aoife lights up a cigarette.
[8:41:35 PM] Levan Kohris: “But where’s the italian leather couch with the matching ottomon? Where the coffee table? There’s not even a RUG?!”
[8:41:52 PM] Zok: “There ain’t even boxes”
[8:42:26 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Well, I’m going to head downstairs and get some food. Aoife, call me if you need any help on that box.”
[8:42:27 PM] Aoife Strix: “Welcome to the real world.”
[8:42:36 PM] Levan Kohris: Points to Zok. “What he said! NOT EVEN BOXES!!”
[8:42:50 PM] Dylan Montgomery: Dylan Montgomery splits.
[8:43:39 PM] Zok: “Well now that Moron Bond over there is gone, maybe we can figure out how to get this thing open”
[8:43:50 PM] Zok: “Any chance my fist is the key?”
[8:44:07 PM] Zok: Zok holds his robo arm up for display
[8:45:48 PM] Aoife Strix: “Well, I fiddled with the lock earlier. Picking it probably isn’t going to work.”
[8:46:00 PM] Levan Kohris: “I feel… so lost.” Sighing dramatically, Levan finally steps inside, sauntering over to a corner and sliding down to the floor. Hearing Zok’s comment though, the dumb, playful attitude slips away as she rolls her eyes with a sneer. “Yes, because that sounds like a completely solid and logical plan. Go ahead; let’s see what happens.”
[8:46:53 PM] Aoife Strix: “How strong is your cyberarm Zok?”
[8:47:03 PM | Edited 8:47:16 PM] Zok: “Pretty strong. Like, better than Ork strong”
[8:47:30 PM] Aoife Strix: “Might be worth a shot then. My other bright idea is melting the lock.”
[8:48:08 PM] Zok: “I mean, I’m good at the guns thing. Isn’t someone supposed to be good at the ninja shit?”
[8:48:27 PM] Zok: “Then again our Johnson was kind of a weirdo”
[8:48:52 PM] Aoife Strix: “Most of the locks I picked were cheap dive shit in Barrens apartment complexes. This is a bit more complex.”
[8:49:24 PM] Zok: “What about one of those auto-thingies”
[8:49:57 PM] Aoife Strix: “Don’t got one meself. If you’ve got one on you I could try it.”
[8:50:12 PM] Zok: “Nah. But I got a guy.”
[8:50:51 PM] Aoife Strix: “Tell me about this guy.”
[8:51:19 PM] Zok: “I dunno, he’s a guy. He sell guns and shit. Don’t ask no questions”
[8:51:41 PM] Zok: “I mean I think he’s an elf or something, but I never seen his ears”
[8:52:05 PM] Levan Kohris: “An elf or something?”
[8:52:08 PM] Levan Kohris: T^T
[8:52:18 PM] Aoife Strix: “You think he’s got a autopicker on short notice? Or a wielding torch?”
[8:56:27 PM] Zok: “I’ll give him a call”
[8:56:49 PM] Zok: Zok disengages his comlink from the network and steps off to the side
[8:58:40 PM] Zok: “Pretty good Mad Marty. How’re you? Still… Mad?”
[8:59:28 PM] Zok: “Haha. Was wondering if you had some gear. It’s short notice but I’m buying if you’ve got it.”
[8:59:52 PM] Aoife Strix: “Mad Marty? Sounds like a trustworthy guy.” Aoife mumbles this in the corner as she deposits ash from her cigarette into a plastic bag from her pocket.
[9:00:51 PM] Zok: “Uh. No.”
[9:00:58 PM] Zok: Zok looks a bit perplexed
[9:02:26 PM | Edited 9:02:32 PM] Zok: “Rokin.” He relaxes a bit
[9:02:39 PM] Zok: " I need a pretty decent Autopicker. Two if you’ve got em"
[9:03:24 PM] Zok: “Fuck yeah!”
[9:03:45 PM] Zok: “Be there in a bit”
[9:04:04 PM] Zok: Zok turns around to the group
[9:04:12 PM] Zok: “He’s got em.”
[9:04:22 PM] Dylan Montgomery: [How soon?]
[9:04:40 PM] Zok: Zok reconnects to the network
[9:04:44 PM] Dylan Montgomery: [Someon ask Zok how soon, he cut me off.]
[9:04:52 PM] Dylan Montgomery: [Oh, there we go.]
[9:04:59 PM | Edited 9:05:17 PM] Zok: [Hey. I can grab em now.]
[9:06:08 PM] Zok: [I can be back here in about 2 hours]
[9:07:17 PM | Edited 9:07:21 PM] Zok: [I’m picking up some beer and longhaul on the way if anyone wants me to bring em back some]
[9:08:12 PM] Aoife Strix: [Grab me some whiskey and stuffer shack.]
[9:08:37 PM] Dylan Montgomery: Dylan Montgomery finishes his tamales and takes his chair upstairs when Jen isn’t looking.
[9:11:54 PM] Zok: Zok goes to his medium-lifestyle car and starts driving
[9:14:44 PM] Jeff Davies: Zok arrives, purchases, goes back to the team without consequence.
[9:17:08 PM] Aoife Strix: “So I didn’t get my stuffer shack. Disappointing. Alright, let me take a crack with the autopicker.”
[9:18:02 PM] Zok: Zok taks a stab at it first
[9:18:15 PM] Zok: 5 successes
[9:20:29 PM | Edited 9:20:45 PM] Jeff Davies: You open the box and inside is a piece of paper… on the front of this paper are the words “list 27 part 3.”
[9:21:07 PM] Zok: Zok takes out the paper, looking confused
[9:21:40 PM] Zok: Zok hands it to Aoife
[9:21:51 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife looks at the paper.
[9:23:52 PM] Levan Kohris: Being unable to see anything from her position on the ground, and with her curiousity itching away, Levan stands up and schimmies her way over to the others, peering over Aoife’s shoulder to get a look at the contents.
[9:23:54 PM] Zok: Zok cracks one of the beers open
[9:24:17 PM] Jeff Davies: The paper is covered in small print. The text includes the names of executive heads, and politicians, and people of influence. Under each name is a way to blackmail them and the hiding place of the evidence to do so.
[9:24:55 PM] Dylan Montgomery: Dylan Montgomery watches through the tacnet. “Holy drek.”
[9:25:53 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Who the fuck is Larkspur Blue and what the fuck is this list?”
[9:27:07 PM] Zok: Zok ENHANCE
[9:27:22 PM] Zok: Zok ‘s cybereye zooms
[9:27:56 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Anyone else get the feeling like seeing that list makes us a little more expendable?”
[9:28:14 PM] Zok: Zok saves a snapshot
[9:28:34 PM] Aoife Strix: “This is some serious shit.”
[9:28:49 PM] Zok: “So, how much were we getting for this?”
[9:28:59 PM] Zok: “because this seems like it might be worth more than that”
[9:29:03 PM] Levan Kohris: “… Anyone see the Kohris name?”
[9:29:40 PM | Edited 9:32:25 PM] Aoife Strix: "I can see your point Dylan. Still, Larkspur hasn’t screwed us over yet."
[9:30:02 PM] Levan Kohris: “No? Awesome; now I won’t feel terrible for haggling the price up higher for this!”
[9:31:44 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater has been asleep in the corner, oblivious to the conversation going on around her, music drowning out the backround noise.
[9:33:42 PM] Zok: “so… we never found it, right?”
[9:33:43 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “3k does seem cheap for this. But we have to balance that against future work and concern for future well being. In short, we may be fucked.”
[9:34:23 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Part of me says we break back in, put it back.”
[9:34:47 PM] Aoife Strix: “Or we stick it back in the box, say we couldn’t get the lock open, hand it over to Larkspur.”
[9:35:23 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “That’s clever. Let’s mark it up too, make it seem like we tried and didn’t use an autopicker.”
[9:35:54 PM] Zok: “I could still punch it”
[9:37:42 PM] Zok: Zok holds out the open case
[9:38:27 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife sticks the piece of paper back in. “We’re going with the we never saw it and sticking with that plan, right?”
[9:38:56 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “Sounds good to me.”
[9:39:14 PM] Aoife Strix: Aoife Strix closes and relocks the case
[9:39:35 PM | Edited 9:39:48 PM] Zok: Zok puts the box on the ground, kneels, and punches it with his left hand
[9:40:19 PM] Zok: 1 hit
[9:40:25 PM] Zok: 6p damage
[9:41:05 PM] Jeff Davies: The box is scuffed.
[9:41:51 PM] Zok: (after a pause) “wait isn’t this worse?”
[9:42:01 PM] Zok: “aren’t we supposed to not try and get in?”
[9:42:41 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “We were expecting a chip.”
[9:43:13 PM] Aoife Strix: “Which means they expected us to at least try to get in.”
[9:44:31 PM] Zok: “ah”
[9:45:07 PM] Aoife Strix: “It’s possible Larkspur got bad info and thought it was a chip. Still better this way, plausible denaibility.”
[9:46:38 PM] Dylan Montgomery: “One of us needs to do the drop. Someone who can play it completely cool.”
[9:47:15 PM] Zok: I run the image in my comlink, double checking to see if Larkspur is in there
[9:48:05 PM] Roseline Blackwater: Roseline Blackwater begins to snore.
[9:50:16 PM] Jeff Davies: @Zok: He is not in this part. Also that is an alias and the names all appear to be real god given names.
[9:51:16 PM] Zok: (how barbaric)
[10:09:09 PM] Levan Kohris: “So little ol’ Blue is setting up a drop off point for us in 12 hours.”


Otakusensei Otakusensei

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